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By purchasing an admission ticket, the purchaser and admission ticket holder agree to the following contractual conditions of the event organiser:

  •  With the exception of events specially presented for children under 6 years of age, the admission of children under 6 years of age - even when supervised by a guardian - is prohibited.

  • Children and adolescents between 6 and 13 years of age may only be admitted when supervised by a guardian. Adolescents aged 14 years and above may attend events until 10 p.m. without supervision by a guardian; for those 16 years and above, this is permitted until midnight.

  • At party events, other terms apply, which in such cases shall be communicated separately

  • Please always ensure you bring ID!

  • The event organiser has no influence over the presentation, length, content and volume of the event.

  • The volume involved in concerts poses the risk of potential damage to hearing and health.

  • Claims for damages arising from a positive breach of an obligation, negligence when entering into a contract, and unlawful acts are excluded insofar as the event organiser, its legal representative or auxiliary agents have not acted with deliberate intent or gross negligence. Claims for damages arising from impossibility of performance and delayed performance are restricted to compensation for foreseeable damage in the event of minor negligence.

  • There is a general prohibition on bringing glass containers, cans, plastic bottles, food and drinks of all types, pyrotechnic items, flares/torches, and weapons onto the premises. Those guilty of non-compliance will be made to leave the event premises and will not be entitled to a claim to reimbursement of the admission price. A security check is conducted upon admission. The security personnel are instructed to perform body searches.

  • The right to refuse entry for good cause (followed by reimbursement of the entry price) remains reserved.

  • There is a general prohibition on bringing sound-recording devices, cameras or video cameras onto the premises. Sound, photograph and video recordings - even for personal use - are prohibited. Abuse will be prosecuted.

  • The admission ticket loses its validity upon leaving the event premises.

  • Upon purchase of the admission ticket, contractual relationships come into effect exclusively between the purchaser and holder of the admission ticket and the event organiser.

  • A return of the admission ticket against reimbursement of the admission price is only possible in the event of cancellation or cancellation of the event for reasons within the sphere of influence of the organizer, within eight days after the original concert date at the ticket agency where the admission ticket was purchased.

  • Events take place in any weather as a general principle. Should an event be cancelled due to bad weather, no claim to reimbursement arises.

  • The organizer reserves the right to relocate the event locally and / or on schedule. Returning the admission ticket is only possible if the appointment is rescheduled (except in cases of force majeure and / or official measures). You can only take them back at the ticket office where the card was purchased.

  • Cancellation/relocation shall be communicated by the event organiser via their homepage and, where possible, via daily newspapers/press, radio, the websites of the ticket selling office, and via telephone inquiries. Where major expense/effort is to be taken for the visit (travel to the event per person), it is strongly recommended to visit the event organiser’s website or make a telephone inquiry on the day of the event; should an event be cancelled, no claims for travel cost reimbursement can be enforced against the event organiser.

  • The event organiser reserves the right to alter the programme without prior announcement.

  • The instructions of the security team are to be followed when parking vehicles. The use of public transportation is recommended.

  • The holder of the admission ticket parks their vehicle at their own risk.

  • The event organiser assumes no liability for lost and/or stolen property within the context of the event.

  • There is a general prohibition on purchasing admission tickets for the purposes of selling them on. Complimentary tickets cannot be sold!

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