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 2019 is the year of special Tina Turner anniversaries: 35 years ago her album “Private Dancer” was published, sold 20 million times and awarded with four Grammys. This was the start of an incredible comeback and a worldwide career. Honouring the 80th anniversary of the “Queen of Rock” the production “Simply The Best - The Tina Turner Story” is still on tour from February till May 2019 through all German-speaking countries and will then return in 2020 to the stages in Germany, Austria and Italy. Advance sale for next season has already started.


Bernhard Kurz, successful Producer, and Oliver Forster, Tour Operator, are presenting in this biographical show on legendary Tina Turner a show of her unique career. “Simply The Best” represents the exciting life of the rock icon with a lot of live music and impressing show acts: from her success at the beginning of her career, the emotional setback by her drug-related and violent husband, the painful divorce, till her comeback and fulminant ascent. A journey through Tina Turner’s life fascinating the audience with uplifting music and artistic performances.



 “Tina Turner’s performances are significantly different from those of other artists. I have always been fascinated by her unbelievable energy and presence on stage”, sworms enthusiastically Coco Fletcher, who performs as Tina Turner. Being her best double worldwide, she suceeds in imitating the rock icon like nobody else. With her outstanding colour of voice and her performance full of energy she brings the rock diva back to stage with all her power and amazing charisma.

Coco Fletcher celebrated her first successes in Las Vegas, when she performed with soul stars like The Platters, Bobby Womack and Millie Jackson. Followed by live events in the American shows “Legends in Concert” and “American Superstar” she was received by the ensemble of the show “Stars in Concert” in Europe. A duet she performed with Jermaine Jackson (Jackson Five) is one of the highlights in her career. In 1999 she was able to catch a leading part in the revue “Elements” with the magicians Siegfried and Roy, as well as in “Jingle Bells” in the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. Udo Jürgens regarded her as an exceptional artist and engaged her in addition to her “Stars in Concert” performances as a singer in his concerts and tours. The unique duo-performances of “I can, I will” and “Ich war noch niemals in New York” support the deep attachment of both artists. She supplied moments of goosebumps in the RTL TV-Show “Let’s Dance” and had her breakthrough in Germany from then on. As leading actress in “Simply The Best” Coco Fletcher will continue to proove her talent on the highly competive music market and present a breathtaking and intoxicating show to all Tina Turner fans.

Growing up in Alabama/USA with the songs of the great Jazz and Blues Singers, Dorothea Fletcher decided already as a child to dedicate her life to music. After numerous shows in clubs she celebrated her first successes in Las Vegas, where she performed with soul stars like The Platters, Bobby Womack and Millie Jackson, and sang in the Shows "Legends in Concert" and "American Superstars". Finally, she wanted to go to Europe and also become famous there. Since 1997 she belongs to the cast of the famous international Double-Show "Stars in Concert" in the Estrel in Berlin.

One of the highlights in her career was the duet she performed with Jermaine Jackson (Jackson Five). In 1999 she was the leading part in "Elements" as well as in "Jingle Bells" in the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. In addition to her shows in "Stars in Concert" Fletcher performed from 2004 till 2014 with Udo Jürgens, who engaged this exceptional artist as a singer for his shows and tours. She still sang with him on his last tour before his death in 2014 the two songs “I Can, I Will" and "Ich war noch niemals in New York". Fletcher became also famous after her performances with the “Big Band-Orchestra” of Pepe Lienhard and in TV-Shows like "Let's Dance" (RTL).
Further TV-Shows as "Wetten, dass...?" and also in the NDR, MDR, RBB, 3Sat and ARD followed. She was also guest star at the "42nd & 50th Montreux Jazz Festival" and sang with Quincey Jones, Chaka Khan, Patti Austen, Al Jarreau, Simply Red and many more.



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